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Anna's Egg

Watch the video, below and to the right to see the water well, medical help, shoes, we provided in 2012 and to go on a typical water walk.

Your contributions helped to provide these regional mission trips in Kenya, for Pastor Asero and his team. They set up tents, showed the Jesus Film, preached, and gave out animals when possible.

So Far In 2016

Month                          City                          Professing Christ              Purchases

Feb. 2016                     Urudi                          2,941                        Travel Expenses/Tents and chairs

Feb. 2016                     Kadel                         2,859                        Travel Expenses/Tents and chairs

June 2016                    Awasi                    to be announced         Misc expenses

In 2015

 Month                              City                 Professing Christ             Purchases

Feb. 2015                    Shikhambi                  2,872                         Goats/Travel Expenses

March 2015                  Matumbu                    2,893                        Travel Expenses    

April/May 2015          Nyabigeye                  2,843                        Travel Expenses    

June 2015                     Nubian                      2,895                         Goats/Geese/Travel     

Aug. 2015                     Chemocong             2,763                          Travel Expenses    

Oct. 2015                     Nairobi/Kisumu         my visit               Visit US Embassy, visit pastors

in Kisumu, to work on discipleship materials

Dec. 2015                    Melgei                        2,319                         Travel Expenses

Over 16,500 professions of faith in Christ, in Kenya , so far, in 2015.

Please pray for our vist.

Thank you and God bless you all.


Thank you for your donations and prayers.

God bless you!

Welcome to Anna's Egg website.

Special Request

We are starting a new ministry project to bring medical services to the village we work with outside Kisumu, Kenya.

To bring one doctor, two assistants, diagnostic equipment, medicines, along with transportation and permits into the village will cost $1,020.

We are hoping to do this quarterly.

We would also like to provide mosquito nets for the elderly.

Providing this service will allow our team to build relationships and minister to these people in need, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your tax deductible, donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Should you have questions please email us.

Thank you again for visiting our site.

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